Triops cancriformis

At least nine different Triops species are distributed all over the world, the oldest recorded and most famous of all being the European species Triops cancriformis.

T. cancriformis has not changed for more than 220 million years! Compare that to the last dinosaur which died out a relatively recent 60 million years ago, and you know you are looking at one ancient life form!

 Triops cancriformis are not the same as the commonly sold Triops longicaudatus, a species which needs heated aquaria for raising. T. cancriformis is happy in water that you'd keep your goldfish in 20 Celsius compared to 28 c for T. Longicaudatus *No heaters required*.

T. cancriformis also happens to be the largest Triops species in the world with some individuals measuring in at a colossal 4.5 inches (11 cm) in length. To give a comparison, this giant out grows the common T. longicaudatus by nearly double its size!

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Beni-Kabuteo ebi triops cancriformis

From ancient Japan, Beni-Kabuteo ebi triops cancriformis, translated meaning 'red helmet shrimp.' Still used today by farmers wanting a more naturalistic approach to growing rice where they are used for weeding and pest control. the triops will eat mosquito larvae and their digging behavior keeps weeds from growing.

They are closely related to European canciformis but due to a change in one genetic marker they are albino! The red coloration is due to hemoglobin in their blood. Colors can range from red, to reddish brown to nearly white (true albino)

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